Brazos Valley DSA

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Like many Bernie groups around the cound, our Brazos Valley for Bernie organization has evloved into a Democratic Socialistsb of America organinzing committee. We are known asn2205133680_32502 Brazos Valley DSA.

We were recognized as a committee in late Novemebr of 2016. We currently have seventeen dues paying members and a number of allies from three counties.

Please visit and like our Facebook page for comments, articles, and notices about activities and actions.

#Resist #DemSocialists #Organize


Sons of Zapata

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On June 1, in 1966, farm workers in Rio Grande City, Texas went on strike against La Casita Farms. The farm laborers made .40 cents an hour and struck for $1.25.

The strike involved 400 workers, lasted 90 days, and culminated with a 490 mile march to the State Capitol in Austin. When the marchers gathered on the State Capitol steps on Labor Day, a total of 15,000 people were there to support their demands for higher wages and better working conditions.

The La Casita strike is said to have been the beginning of the Chicano Movement in Texas.

Please check out the attached document, Sons of Zapata. It is a tremendous photographic history of the Texas farm worker’s strike in 1966.

Bryan-College Station for Bernie Sanders

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On August 31, 2015, I posted about the start of a Bernie Sanders grassroots volunteer group in Bryan-College Station, Texas. I haven’t posted about the group, or anything else for that matter, on the “scottspeak” blog since that post.  I do want to get back to posting, so I’d thought I’d start with an update on the Bernie group.

The group is called “Bryan-College Station for Bernie Sanders”. Several of us went to Houston in the early part of the summer of 2015 to see Bernie at the University of Houston. That was followed by a local “kick-off party” in Bryan. Since then, our network in the Bryan-College Station-Texas A&M University area and beyond has grown and spread. The local network consists of local permanent residents, Texas A&M students. We having working contacts with individuals and groups in Texas cities such as Austin, Brenham,  Houston, Huntsville, Katy, Needville, Richmond, San Marcos, and Somerville.

Our group has conducted many Bernie community outreach activities since our first post. We have encouraged people in our network and in the community to become a deputy volunteer voter registrar and have promoted voter registrar trainings at the County Voter Registrar’s office.We have gone into community neighborhoods many times to register voters, collect signatures on the petition that got Bernie on the Texas primary ballot without filing a fee, and speak with identified Democratic voters about Bernie and the March Texas primary. We have distributed fliers at community fairs and festivals. We have held Democratic debate watch parties, facilitated several campaign phone banks, and hosted an area-wide meeting with state campaign directors.

These months and activities have been exciting. We are now in the Early Voting stage of the Texas Democratic primary and fully expect Bernie Sanders to be the winner of the Texas primary.

“It will take all of us to get one of us elected.”


Here are some pictures that will give you a look at some of our people and some of the activities that we have conducted.

kick off

(Kick-off Party)


(A Democratic Debate Watch)


(Flier Distribution at Fiesta Patrias)




(Area Meeting with State Campaign People)

block walk


dial up

(Phone Bank)

Early Vote in Texas

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Early voting in Texas began Tuesday and continues through the 26th. Early voting leads up to March 1, Super Tuesday.

My wife and I typically vote early. This year our two youngest children will cast their first votes.

Make plans and take the time to vote, early or Super Tuesday, it really doesn’t matter. JUST DO IT!


DebsSpeak: On Labor Day

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“The workingman – and this is the day to write him in capital letters – has given me what I have, made me what I am, and will make me what I hope to be; and I thank him for all, and above all for giving me eyes to see, a heart to feel and a voice to speak for the workingman.”

“Comrades, this is the day for Workingmen to think of the Class Struggle and the Ballot …. ”

(Eugene V. Debs, “Labor Day Greeting”, Social Democrat Herald, September 1904)

Celebrating Labor Day

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Thank you, Labor. The time has come for you rise again.

8 Hours Labour

“Bryan-College Station for Bernie Sanders”

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The “Bryan-College Station for Bernie Sanders” Facebook page is one of thousands of social media sites that have been started over theBernie Kick-Off2 recent months to promote Senator Bernie Sanders’ candidacy for the Presidency of the United States.

The page consists of posts of articles that pertain to Bernie, his campaign, and his positions on issues that all of America is concerned about, There are also posts about Bernie supporters in the Bryan-College Station-Texas A&M University communities in Texas and their grassroots activities to bring about the political change in America that Bernie Sanders is so passionately advocating.

Please visit and “like” the “Bryan-College Station for Bernie Sanders” Facebook page.