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Feed The Dog Or Feed The Children

January 10, 2010

One of our teenage daughters had a friend over for dinner last night. It was a good meal – a chicken dish with pasta and a green vegetable on the side.

The young friend enjoyed the meal so much that she “went back for seconds,” but she couldn’t eat all of her second helping. When the friend got up from the table to empty the remaining food on her plate into the disposal, my daughter said, “Let me have that and I’ll give it to our dog.”

The friend looked at my daughter with surprise on her face: “You’re going to give that food to the dog when there are starving children in Africa?”

Was the friend mimicking what is said to her at home in an attempt to make a joke, or was it a thoughtless comment that had its root in our over-indulgent and wasteful society?

May I be more senstive to my own use of what I have, and of my own wastefulness, knowing that “my superfluities are the needs of others.”