A “Working Man” Salute To the Workers of Wisconsin

If you have been listening to or watching the news the past several days, you know that Wisconsin’s public sector unions and workers are being targeted by the governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, and the Republican Senate  in an austerity assault to combat that state’s budget woes.

Austerity is an attempt to bring the state’s economy and budget under control by limiting unions in their activities, rights, and benefits and cutting the budgets of public services which means reducing aid and assistance for those who need it the most. At the same, the austerity assault refuses to impose a progressive income tax on the wealthy and corporations, close loop holes that serve the rich and corporations, and cut spending in other budget line items that are superfluous.


Wisconsin Workers, We Salute You


Yesterday, 30,000 people gathered at the Wisconsin State capital to express their opposition to Governor Walker’s attempts to restrict the activities of the state’s public sector unions, Democratic senators fled the state to avoid a Senate vote on the issue, and teachers walked out of schools and called in sick to join the protest.

Wisconsin’s attempt to restrict union activity and impose austerity cuts in the budget is only the first of what will prove to be many state austerity campaigns over the next several months. (We are also seeing it at the federal level.)

Join the people of Wisconsin, growing numbers of others around the country, and me as we support unions and public sector workers – teachers, fire fighters, law enforcement personnel, nurses, and others – as they take a stand for their rights as working men and women.

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