The Working Poor – Quotes, Pt.2

In May of 2010, I wrote a post that consisted of quotes taken from the book, The Working Poor – Invisible in America, by David Shipler. I have long had the intention of sharing more quotes from the book that struck my attention as I was reading it.  Below are some of those thoughts and quotes.

From the chapter entitled, “Importing the Third World” ….

“Luxury is produced by humble hands. … For a paltry wage, albeit one far greater than at home, they (immigrants) feed and clothe and comfort the Americans they wish to emulate.” (p.77)

“Fine sentiments do not stand firm against economic imperatives of running a business.” (p.85)

Shipler, writing of the people who live in “the ethnic enclaves that serve America’s economy,”

” … they are imprisoned in an archipelago of scattered zones of cheap labor that promote the country’s interests. They are not Americans, but they are an essential part of America.” (p.91)

In the chapter,”Harvest Of Shame,” Shipler writes about America’s White, Black, Hispanic, legal, and illegal farm workers and the deplorable conditions in which they labor and struggle to survive.

“You can hardly go through a day, much less observe a holiday, without the fruit of their labor in your life.” (p.97)

At this point, I want to stop and encourage you to support the United Farmer Workers (, the labor union that was founded by Caesar Chavez to protect the rights of the men and women, boys and girls who pick the food that you and I eat every day.

More quotes to come.

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