Ten Essentials For A New Progressive Movement

In my last post, On A Progressive Learning Curve, I shared with you that I am endeavoring to educate myself about current political-economic-community issues that are confronting our nation and our people.  Resources I am using are progressive in their orientation.

One of the resources I am using is Robert Reich. Reich is a political economist who served as the Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1997. He is the author of many books, writing about issues such as democracy, the economy, and alternatives to the present political-economic system. He writes a blog at Robert Reich and posts comments on Facebook at Robert B. Reich.

Mr. Reich’s insight into and comments on political-economy and government issues help me better understand today’s current economic situation – the causes of The Great Recession, unemployment/under-employment, the effects of a part-time, minimum wage economy, and the growing inequality gap in our nation. There are many comments on Robert Reich’s Facebook page that I have benefited from.

One in particular was posted on August 14. In it Reich lists ten essentials that a new progressive political-economic movement in America will need to address in order to make dramatic , corrective changes in the course that our nation is currently on.

These ten essentials are:

1) a living wage and a larger Earned Income Tax Credit,

(2) an exemption on the first $15K of income from Social Security taxes and elimination of the cap on income subject to Social Security taxes,

(3) a new WPA and CCC, and major infrastructure investments, to put the long-term unemployed back to work,

(4) early childhood education for all, high-quality K-12 for all, and access to affordable higher education,

(5) a single-payer healthcare system,

(6) an easy way to form unions through simple up-or-down votes at the workplace,

(7) a higher marginal income tax on top earners, more tax brackets at the top, a wealth tax, and a tax on financial transactions;

(8) a resurrection of Glass-Steagall and a cap on the size of the biggest Wall Street banks,

(9) a ban on gerrymandered districts, voter-suppression laws, and other means of blocking the majority’s will, and

(10) reversal of “Citizen’s United” (by constitutional amendment if necessary), strict campaign-finance limits, public financing of elections, a resurrected “fairness doctrine” for the media, and stricter limits on the “revolving door” between government and industry or Wall Street.

On the surface, these ten essentials for a new Progressive Movement in the United States do not look like a bad place to begin bringing real change to America. Which one of the ten would you begin with and why?

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