September 5, Support Wal-Mart Workers

Thursday, September 5, 2013, support Wal-Mart workers and their rights to speak out for their rights on the job, a $15 an hour living wage, a regular work schedule, the right to form unions without fear of retaliation, and a reinstatement of the Wal-Mart workers fired for their presence and protests at the Wal-Mart corporate meeting in Bentonville this summer.

wal mart strikers
Speak an encouraging worker to a Wal-Mart worker. Express your concern to a Wal-Mart manager or associate manager about the corporation’s need to respect the needs, rights, and hard work of their “associates.”

You might even think about postponing your shopping at Wal-Mart until Friday. Better yet, if you need to go to the store tomorrow, spend your time and money at a locally owned grocery or retail store.

Check on this Daily Kos link to sign a petition that will be sent to the Walton family, asking them to respect the working men and women who work hard for a living and, in so doing, have helped make the Walton’s billionaires.

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