For Dignity And Respect

Saturday October 5 is National Day For Human Dignity and Respect. On that day millions of people across our nation, in  over forty cities, will be marching for:

  • “commonsense immigration reform with legalization that leads to citizenship, legal immigration rules October 5that promote family unity and protect worker rights, an end to the destruction of our families through deportations, and a halt to the rush towards massive wasteful spending on unneeded border militarization and for profit immigrant detention prisons”
  • “an America where our hard work is honored; where our many contributions to the nation are respected and where our families and children can dream of building lives of dignity and without fear. We cannot let the continued failures of Washington result in more families torn apart, more abusive employers and poverty wages, more children who cannot dream”
  • “a better America for all”

Faith, labor, and civil rights groups are joining together, and calling all who are concerned for social justice for immigrants to join them, to express and demand respect for the hard work and many contributions that immigrant communities make to our nation’s culture, economy, communities, and faith.

For more information about the Day For Human Dignity and Respect and where marches and rallies will be taking place, see the website of October Immigration here.

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