Wendy Davis For Governor Of Texas

In June, Wendy Davis, Texas State Democratic Senator from the Ft. Worth area, made national news when she conducted an eleven hour filibuster to prevent the passage of a bill that would close all but five abortion clinics in the State of Texas. While she was successful in  preventing a vote during that session of the State legislature, the bill eventually did pass in a special session that was called the next day by Governor Rick Perry.

Despite the eventual passage of the closure bill, Wendy’s filibuster brought her national acclaim. What propelled her into the national wendy davisspotlight was her tenacity and the fact that she took a stand, literally, for her beliefs. Political pundits and Sunday morning news show panelists immediately began to speculate about Wendy and her future in Texas politics.

People spoke of Wendy as the Democratic party’s natural candidate for the governor’s house in 2014. On Wednesday, October 3, Wendy ended all speculation when she declared her candidacy for governor of the State of Texas.

It is said that Wendy’s run for the governor’s office will be extremely difficult. She will be running against Rick Perry’s heir apparent, the state’s current Attorney General. It has been reported that the Attorney General already has $10 million in his “campaign chest.” Wendy only has about $1 million at this time. And, Texas is a very Red state that has not had a Democratic governor since 1995 (Ann Richards, 1991-1995).

But, I believe that are several factors that are in Wendy’s favor. The first is that Republicans have been in the governor’s office in Texas since 1995 and many in our state are ready for a change. A second reason is that the nation’s Great Recession, the current government shutdown, the arrogance of the Republicans in Congress, and the attack on public workers, unions, and safety nets that we have seen and are seeing in many states that have Republican governors have made us extremely discontented with and wary of Republicans in state legislatures and assemblies. And third, there is a tremendous progressive movement sweeping across America and there are many in Texas who are being swept up in it.

So, as 2014 approaches and gubernatorial campaigns begin to ramp up, Wendy Davis and those who support her are beginning to build her campaign chest, develop her platform, and strategize her campaign.

I am excited about Davis’ run for the governor’s office in the Lone Star State. I believe our state is ready for new, progressive leadership. I am ready for our state to change colors, Red to Blue.


See the following links for more information about Wendy Davis and her campaign for governor of the State of Texas.

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