Immigration Reform: Facts Vs. Myths

There are approximately 11-12 million undocumented immigrants in the United States today. The subject of immigration is misunderstood and the need for immigration reform is great.

I have found three great resources that have helped me to better understand the issue of immigration, to separate the facts of immigration from the myths of immigration. The resources are produced by a left political organization, a social-justice community development organization, and a labor federation, respectively.

The first resource is Immigration Myths Vs. Facts – A Look Behind the Anti-Immigrant Furor. In this booklet produced by People’s Immigration Facts and MythsWorld, the subject of immigration is addressed in a question and answer format. Some of the questions asked and answered are:

  • “Why are so many immigrants coming to America?”
  • “Do immigrants cause unemployment?”
  • “Do immigrants pay their fair share of taxes?”
  • “What is the impact of immigrants on social, health care and educational services?”

Immigration Myths Vs. Facts also addresses factors that are necessary for effective immigration reform as well as provides helpful resources for further study of this pressing issue.

The second resource that helps us understand the issue of immigration is produced by Neighborhood Center Inc., a social-justice immigrationmythsfacts_thumborganization in Houston, Texas that exists to “bring resources, education and connection to emerging neighborhoods” and  help equip individuals and communities to live up to their full potential. Topics covered in Immigrants And Immigration are:

  • “Immigrants And The Economy”
  • “Immigrants And Jobs”
  • “Immigrants, Taxes, And Services”
  • “immigrants And Their Families”
  • “Immigrants And Texas”
  • “Immigrants And Houston”

The third resource, Seven Immigration Myths and Facts, has been produced by the AFL-CIO. Several of the myths covered in the AFL-CIO paper are:

  • Enforcement-only approaches to illegal immigration can effectively keep undocumented immigrants out of the United States
  • A pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants will further hurt our ailing economy
  • Immigrants and their families come to America for a “free ride” and are a drain on our social services and economy
  • Anti-immigrant politicians have the best interests of the American worker in mind

In conclusion, if you are interested in and concerned about the undocumented immigrant situation in the United States today, the three papers presented in this post will be of great benefit to you. They present a number of myths that people will use to argue against undocumented immigrants – men, women, and children who come to American for a better life, greater employment opportunities, and political freedom – and their rights to come to and live and work in America. The facts in the face of these myths and the answers to these arguments that are presented in each of these papers will inform and equip you to defend undocumented immigrants, immigration reform, and serve as an advocate for the rights of working men and women who are seeking a better life for themselves and their families.

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