DebsSpeak – The Things He Said

Over the course of the last two months, I have been reading a lot of the speeches and articles of Eugene V. Debs. I have found Debs to be both interesting and thought-provoking. What he spoke and wrote over 100 years ago has given me insight into the man himself. I have learned much about the history of Debs PortraitAmerica’s burgeoning labor movement and the early days of the Socialist Party of America. I have also discovered that what Debs said then has great relevance and application to the labor, political, and economic issues that we are facing today.

Since I started reading Debs, I have posted several posts on this blog that consist of quotes from different Debs’ speeches and articles. Most posts have shared a number of quotes at a time, some with my commentary on them.

Today I want to approach my writing on Debs a little differently. Rather than sharing multiple quotes at one time, I will be sharing short, one-to-three sentence quotes in each post. This approach to a Deb’s will allow the reader to “read and run” rather sit and spend time reading when you need to be moving on with your day. I hope that this approach will be appealing to the reader.

If you find that the Debs’ quotes encourage you in the areas of history, labor, and politics, please add this blog site, “Scottspeak”, to your blog’s links and share it with your friends and network.

One of my sons listens to a genre of music called “Dub Speak”. Spinning off of that term, future quotes of the day from Eugene V. Debs will be entitled “DebsSpeak.”

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