Eugene V. Debs: Death Of A Working Class Hero

Eugene V. Debs passed away on this day, October 20, in 1926.

Debs was a working man who advocated and fought for the rights of working men, women, children, and their families.

He began his career as a teenager when he went to work as a painter in a railroad yard. He eventually became involved in labor union activity and organization. He founded the American Railway Union and was a co-founder of the Industrial Workers of the World. He also co-founded the Socialist Party of America and was a five-time candidate for the Presidency of the United States.

Debs headstone

Eugene Victor Debs, November 5, 1865 – October 20, 1926


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2 Comments on “Eugene V. Debs: Death Of A Working Class Hero”

  1. n.m. Says:

    Our labor union is called the INDUSTRIAL Workers of the World, not International. Your heading is mistaken.


    • scottspeak Says:


      I knew that, but must have been typing without thinking. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

      Where are you located and who do you organize? Do you have a website? Would enjoy visiting it.


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