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DebsSpeak: On Labor Day

September 7, 2015

“The workingman – and this is the day to write him in capital letters – has given me what I have, made me what I am, and will make me what I hope to be; and I thank him for all, and above all for giving me eyes to see, a heart to feel and a voice to speak for the workingman.”

“Comrades, this is the day for Workingmen to think of the Class Struggle and the Ballot …. ”

(Eugene V. Debs, “Labor Day Greeting”, Social Democrat Herald, September 1904)


Celebrating Labor Day

September 7, 2015

Thank you, Labor. The time has come for you rise again.

8 Hours Labour

“35 Mind-Blowing Facts About Inequality”

July 26, 2015

On July 13, AlterNet, the on-line news source, posted an article titled “35 Mind-Blowing Facts About Inequality”.

In the introductory paragraph of the article, Larry Schwartz, the author of the article writes

” … (Bernie Sanders) has even blasted the orthodoxy of economic growth for its own sake, saying according to Monday’s Washington Post that unless economic spoils can be redistributed to make more Americans’ lives better, all the growth will go to the top 1% anyway, so who needs it?”

Schwartz then recounts the growth of income and wealth inequality in the United States and the world since World War Two.

He concludes his article with thirty-five facts about inequality that will “fry your brain”.

Here are several of those facts:

  • ” … the poorest half of the US owns 2.5% of the country’s wealth. The top 1% owns 35% of it.”
  • “Over 20 percent of all American children live below the poverty line. This rate is higher than almost all other developed countries.”
  • “Four hundred Americans have more wealth, $2 trillion, than half of all Americans combined. That is approximately the GDP of Russia.”

You can read the article and the other 32 facts about inequality here.

DebsSpeak: Working Class, Think and Organize

July 2, 2015

“Think for a moment of the present condition of this country and what it might be if the working class but made intelligent use of its organized industrial strength and its political power!”

(Eugene V. Debs, “Review and Personal Statement”, Chicago speech, October 2, 1922)

Income And Wealth Inequality

May 27, 2015


This political cartoon was drawn by Walter Steinhilber. Steinhilber drew many of his cartoons for the Socialist Labor Party during the 1920s.

DebsSpeak: Worker Solidarity

May 22, 2015

Eugene V. Debs on worker solidarity.

“The radical elements of the American working class must either accommodate their tactical differences and unite in a solid phalanx against capitalism or they will surely be further divided and ultimately devoured by their enemies.”

“The workers in the United States must come together some time if they would be saved from the jaws of the capitalist shark.”

“The time was never better than right now for unity between the factions of the industrial and political movement of this country. Divided, the workers will gain nothing. United, the world and all its treasures are theirs.”

(Eugene V. Debs, “The United Front: Shall We Have Solidarity Or Be Slaughtered?”, The New Age, June 22, 1922)

Bernie Sanders: The Wealthy’s War On The Working Class

May 11, 2015