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Brazos Valley DSA

February 12, 2017

Like many Bernie groups around the cound, our Brazos Valley for Bernie organization has evloved into a Democratic Socialistsb of America organinzing committee. We are known asn2205133680_32502 Brazos Valley DSA.

We were recognized as a committee in late Novemebr of 2016. We currently have seventeen dues paying members and a number of allies from three counties.

Please visit and like our Facebook page for comments, articles, and notices about activities and actions.

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The Ike and Katrina Review

August 28, 2009

I was just listening to a Free Speech News Radio (FSNR) report on what it is like in New Orleans four years ago this Saturday after Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast. The thrust of the report has to do with housing and the city’s redevelopment. The reporter states that 25% of New Orleans’ population has not returned to the city since the hurricane. She also reports that 100,000 former-New Orleans residents now live in Houston.

Housing and redevelopment lagging as New Orleans commemorates Katrina anniversary.

New Orleans will commemorate the fourth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina on Saturday. Local newspapers report an increase in small businesses opening and the city´s tourism is on the rebound, figures are up from last year, with hotel occupancy at 65 percent in July.

Despite some signs of recovery, rebuilding efforts are still incomplete. Human rights observers in the United States and abroad continue to raise concerns about the US government’s approach to housing and redevelopment. From New Orleans, FSRN’s Sacajawea Hall reports.”

As I listened to the report I was reminded of a photo of New Orleans during Katrina that was taken from a helicopter by a National Guardsman as the copter flew over the flooded city. At the top of the picture is a quote from Grover Norquist of the former Bush Administration. (You may remember some of the Bush Administration’s response, or lack thereof, to the Katrina disaster.)

Here is the photo from the National Guardsman with the quote.

Drown the Government

You can listen to the FSRN report in its entirity here.