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Cartooning Capitalism: All Workers Organized

March 10, 2015

This piece of art was drawn by Art Young (1866-1943). Young was a Socialist artist whose labor and political cartoons were published in newspapers and magazines such as The Masses (1911 – 1917), Liberator (1918-1919), and Good Morning (1919-1922).

In this piece, we see “The Boss” who is delighted when he sees an unorganized work-force where “every man is for himself”; an unorganized work-force poses no threat to him. Then, we see “The Boss” who trembles in fear when he sees workers organized in solidarity for their labor and economic rights.

-Art Young-  Organize the Unorganized

Today, we are seeing state legislative attacks on workers, unions and organizing efforts across our country. States such as Arizona and Wisconsin are passing Right-to-Work laws that oppress workers, lower wages, and boost the profits of the already well-to-do.

It will do workers well to recognize their need to organize in solidarity for their labor and economic rights, much as the workers in the cartoon above have done.

Unfortunately, I have no information on the date of this cartoon or the name of the magazine or newspaper in which it was published.